The Art of Collaboration

The year coming to an end, and I just quickly wanted to share my appreciation to the amazing people I’ve met and collaborated with this year. I’ve gotten a chance to work on some really special projects and I’m grateful for anyone who has trusted me and brought me on. Can’t wait to continue to build.

Life Update

Blog #2: Life Update

Man, lately I’ve just been so blessed. Blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love, and just to continue to grow everyday. Thinking about 2020 and how crazy that year was. The up’s, the down’s.. but we’re here, and still pushing through.. That’s all that matters.

 Lately I’ve been finding myself in this realm of toxitity in social media. I feel like I always have to post something, because I’m seeing other people do so many cool things. Feel like I have to rush and get things out just to say that it’s there. But also staying discipline and knowing that having that mindset just isn’t the way. I’ve really come a long way since last year and previous years. But having some time to just sit still and kind of be in a creative block has me resorting to old habits. I was thinking about deleting Instagram and just put all of my focus on Healing The Hood ( doc I’m working on), but it’s one thing to say it, and another to actually just do it.

Speaking of the doc I’m working on.. this project is so special to me and special to the one’s around it and who are involved. Telling this story is so important. Our goal is for it to just really speak to the city of Philadelphia. Let communities know/bring awareness that there are people out here trying to make a difference. And maybe this little film, this story with a sprinkle of an artistic/poetic angle, will do exactly that.

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