Thoughts Before a Shoot

This is my second time in Birmingham, AL and I’m currently trying to mentally prepare myself to shoot this doc over these next few days. I love shooting documentaries, but sometimes it’s tough to find a balance between your personal emotions and “work”. Especially when going into spaces, and actually hearing these stories. I’m happy to be accompanied by people who actually care. This kind of support makes me feel better because we have opportunities to debrief, instead of just shooting and moving on like nothing happened.

  I also feel like I’m starting to become more intentional with my work. It’s been a journey, and I think it honestly just comes with getting older. I’m still young, 22 as I’m writing this. But, for the past 3-4 years I’ve been doing things because they feel right, or just withouteven really thinking about it. Lately, I really been taking the time to ask myself “why does this feel right?” not only does it challenge me to actually think, but to also get more in tune with my spirit in a way. I’m going into this project with intention, but also with an open mind of endless possibilities. Inshallah everything goes the way it’s supposed to.

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